Saturday, December 1, 2007

Flexcale Systems delivers storage subsystem upgrades to Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

Realizing the trends of growth, University Sains Malaysia (USM) School of Computer Science (SCS) has decided to upgrade its computing systems to cater demanding needs.

Collaborating together with a few multinational company in this project, Flexcale Systems (Flexcale) is proud to be awarded and assigned to install and configure the storage subsystems & networking and data servers. During the execution, Flexcale managed to utilize a number of key open source based tools to implement, support and to deliver the required end-to-end solutions.

Acting proactively, USM SCS is proud to have a cost-effective storage subsystems which utilizes open source based technologies to assist their growth and needs. As a trusted and reliable open source solutions partner, Flexcale Systems is proud to be part of this exciting project and to be able to work closely with USM SCS.

"As one of the oldest university in Malaysia, we are growing to fulfill the industry needs. The data growth rate are inevitable fast and the demands of storage to store important data used to support researchers and staffs are exceptional. Open source tools & software does a good job in helping us to reduce our licensing costs as we grow. By going open source, we keep our cost low and we do not compromise the required features, functionality and stability", says USM SCS IT Officer.

Flexcale Systems is a company (based in Malaysia) specializing in High Performance Computing (HPC), Virtualization, Clustering, Linux & Open Source solutions. Visit Flexcale Systems website ( for more information.

Based in Penang, Malaysia, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) is one of the oldest university in Malaysia. USM is well known locally and internationally and it has been expanding since its inception. Up to date, USM serves approximately 20,000 students at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Visit USM website ( for more information.