Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Flexcale delivers HPC Storage solutions for local meteorology agency

Flexcale Systems (www.flexcale.com) works closely with local meteorology agency to deliver integrated HPC Storage solution for its HPC systems.

"As a main meteorological centre for Malaysia which caters numerous weather and climate related requirements throughout the country, we run thousands of computational intensive weather and climate simulations per year.Most of the people aware that data growth in meteorology related agency is tremendous. This is partly due to our heavy utilization of mathematical models and simulations as part of forecasting workflow. Indeed, Flexcale , as our trusted and reliable HPC partner, understands our technical need in details and  helps us to design, implement and deliver the scale, performance and reliability we want", said the official from the agency.

In this project, Flexcale delivers customized cost-effective HPC storage subsystem integrated with agency's HPC systems. A few highlights include minimal/almost zero system maintenance and administration for a hassle-free storage operation. The storage solution, optimized for data intensive operations, is specifically design for performance and reliability. In addition, the storage subsystem has the scalability to scale up to 90TB per node (as of 2009), and the flexibility to aggregate with unlimited additional storage capacity for future expansion, for future expansion.

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